Strategy Action Teams

We know that healthcare leaders, especially today, need more than strategy and big ideas. You need people, tools, and resources for execution. And you need people who can stand in for you, be an extra hand, and who have the experience and capability to work with your teams, doctors, and others in your organization in a way that draws them in, engages them, brings positive energy, expands the thinking, and builds confidence and consensus to drive strategy and ideas into action. Strategy Advantage provides these teams – to advance business-based strategy projects or market-based strategy priorities – whether with one person placed in your organization or a core team of people assigned to work inside of your organization on a focused set of projects and priorities for a period of time.

Our Strategy Action Teams are based in several healthcare organizations now, providing an extra hand and partnering, side-by-side, with CEOs and Chief Strategy Officers at:

A 5-Hospital Health System in the State of Washington

A 5-hospital health system in the state of Washington, helping to develop and support an ongoing series of strategic project priorities. Within the last 12 months, we have helped to develop: 1) a West Pierce Regional Growth Strategy, 2) Retail Healthcare Strategy, 3) Children’s Hospital Strategic Action Plan. Currently, our focus is to lead a Facility Design Team in the development of a vision and plan for a “new kind of hospital that no one has seen before.”

One of the Nation's Top Children's Academic Medical Centers

One of the nation’s top children’s academic medical centers, supporting women’s and children’s strategy in collaboration with an adult hospital partner, and to design a model for care for pediatric services in the community.

A Community-Based Medical Center on the West Coast

A community-based medical center on the West Coast, activating the design of a Support Services Best Practice Action Plan to improve cost, quality, service, and leadership performance.

A Major Academic Medical Center in California

A major academic medical center in California, assisting with strategic marketing and growth of top service lines.