Board, Executive, and Clinical Team Retreats

Like healthcare, board members and healthcare executive teams are in the midst of change and of learning and thinking in new ways. The strategic conversation is more important than ever. Focused and vibrant retreat or meeting times provide a source of clarify and re-energizing. We are experts in planning for and facilitating board or executive groups as they consider strategic direction issues or updates.

Executive Retreats

In 2010, the executive team at MultiCare Health chose to gather for its annual CEO Cabinet Retreat to cast a “long view” vision for their system and sort through the question: “How should, could, or must we approach our future?” We were chosen to facilitate a strategic discussion about alternative healthcare industry and market scenarios and help to develop alternative pictures of MultiCare in 2020 and 2025.

Clinical Team Retreats

When Keck Medical Center of USC wanted a model of care that would optimize their patients’ experience, they asked would it would look like and how could it be applied across all of Keck. Strategy Advantage conducted a full-day retreat with nurses, physicians, and hospital leaders to explore options, build excitement around a new vision, and develop a design around the consensus reached.

Care Model Development Retreats

Standing ready and wanting to continue to be in front of the changing healthcare world and business model, MultiCare’s Chief Nursing Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and Chief Strategy Officer came together to drive forward their “Circles of Care” initiative to deliberately (and in a big way) change the way all of their physicians and everyone on their team at all of their hospitals connected and delivered care. Strategy Advantage helped initially to invent the model of care and, also, to work in different executive and clinical team retreats to define and advance forward their roadmap for action.