Zagging Into New Directions

The strategy pathways for healthcare organizations are no longer as straight-forward as they used to be. To get from A to Z, the known, traditional strategies will need to be balanced with novel ideas and fresh approaches.

Different questions need to be asked. New, out-of-the-box and out-of-the-industry ideas are more important than ever. And an open wisdom to carefully, but intentionally, re-invent future care models and delivery systems is critical.

The definition for “Zag” is to turn or change direction suddenly.

Strategy Advantage understands the dynamics re-shaping healthcare, and we know that many leaders are asking how to transform their hospitals and health systems amidst a great sea of change. So we start every planning engagement with our unique Strategy Hangout that showcases fresh thinking and out-of-the-box options for vision and strategy directions. Also, in 2013 we introduced our new healthcare ideas mart, ZigZag, providing a one-stop collection and content source for healthcare ideas and disruptive innovations.

ZigZag Healthcare provides:

  • A quick, easy online hub – accessible anytime, anywhere – that saves time in the search for new healthcare ideas.
  • Ideas curated, collected, and catalogued into relevant and timely strategy topics and questions that healthcare executives need to solve – like how to re-invent your primary care strategy.
  • Many ideas – new models of care, new business thinking – and the people behind these ideas, including people inside and outside the healthcare industry.