Bringing Strategies and Ideas to Life

Right strategy in healthcare is needed. Action, though, is your trump card. Sometimes you need an early round of action to test or further clarify your strategy. Always you need action to build momentum and lead people toward the goals and metrics they are aimed toward. Execution depends on people and resources that are ready and able – with the skills and capabilities – to go, do, and make a company vision, project, or strategic initiative a reality.

Strategy Advantage has the insight and experience to bring shape to strategies and ideas. We take your questions and challenges on as our own, providing an extra hand and partnering, side-by-side, with you. We love to be in the production process, moving from the beginning through the end of a project as we sort through and address the details that build toward a solution.

We provide Strategy Action Teams.

Strategy Advantage provides Action Teams for a select set of clients, deploying people and talents into hospital, health system, and other healthcare organizations to focus on specific priorities, accelerate change, and help drive strategies and ideas into action. Different hospitals and health systems choose us, use us again and again, and rely on us as their partner across years of different projects and strategic priorities.